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Spring Roof Cleanup in Grand Rapids

Your roof made it through another winter, and spring is here, along with the beautiful weather that comes with it in Grand Rapids. However, is it in a condition to survive the warmer weather and the strong storms that can come with it?

You can stand a better chance by taking some time to do some cleanup work early in the season. Consider the following as ways to help put your home in the best condition for the year.


Spring Tree Branches & Limbs

Let’s start by removing any branches or limbs that may have fallen over the winter. While you are thinking about branches and limbs, trim back anything that is close to the roof. These can scrape your shingles with any amount of wind, reducing the service life and causing leaks.


Leaves, Needles, & Pine Cones

You may not realize it, but leaves and other debris can be a hazard to your roof. A few leaves or needles here and there is perfectly fine, and will likely blow off naturally. However, when there are so many that they hold moisture, that becomes a problem.

This excess moisture can lead to mold, moss, and more concerningly excessive weight. It also increased the risk of mold and mildew. All of this can also clog your gutters, causing problems draining water during storms.


Moss & Mold

Moss and mold are more than just an eyesore. Rather, they can cause and indicate other problems. Moss thrives on moisture and suggests a problem with the moisture not drying up as it should. This can be caused by excess debris, as well as improper ventilation or underlying boards that are warped.

Mold, on the other hand, can eat away at your roofing materials, leading to leaks and shortened the life of your shingles. Zinc and copper are great to help with both mold and mildew issues. You can use a garden sprayer with zinc sulfate and chlorine bleach to help with mold. If you put zinc or copper strips along the ridge, it creates an environment unfavorable to moss.



Your gutters are extremely important in helping direct moisture away from the foundation of your home. Heavy snow and fall debris can damage your gutters and create clogs. Both of these lead to water coming down near the edge of your home rather than being funneled away.

Before the spring storms roll in, consider doing a little maintenance. First, clean out the gutters to make sure water can flow freely. Then, be sure the gutters are still attached snugly so there are no gaps. Simply drive any loose nails back in, or add some mounting nails if you find a gap.


Shingles, Flashing, & Chimneys

Finally, check the condition of all the roofing materials, especially the shingles, flashing, your chimney, and any vents coming up. If you find any of these are loose, out of place, or damaged, get them repaired quickly. Consider hiring a roofing professional in Grand Rapids, like S&T Metals, to make these repairs to prevent incidental damage while trying to make repairs.

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  • I found your blog post about spring roof cleanup tips for Grand Rapids homes incredibly informative and helpful. It’s evident that you’ve provided some valuable insights into maintaining a roof’s longevity in the face of seasonal challenges. Your advice on removing fallen branches and trimming those close to the roof makes a lot of sense. I hadn’t considered the potential damage they could cause to shingles, and it’s a practical step to prevent leaks and extend the roof’s service life.

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