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Residential Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing ContractorMost people consider their home to be their most valuable asset. This is why the experts at S&T Metals believe in protecting your investment with roofing products that are not only beautiful but also have the durability needed to last for years to come. The addition of residential metal roofing will not only increases the value of your home but In many cases, a metal roof can be the last roof you’ll ever install on your home.

Residential metal roofing comes in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles. You can purchase metal roofing in shapes that imitate asphalt shingles, tile, wood shakes, as well as the more common vertical seam styles. Metal roofing can come with a stone-coated or smooth finish. You can also get metal trim pieces to match the color of your roof, or contrasting colored trim to offset the roof.

While copper and stainless steel are not unheard of in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood and surrounding areas of, the most common types of metal used for metal roofing are steel or aluminum. Both are available in varying thicknesses but are typically 24 gauge steel and .032” aluminum. Both are very durable and easy to work with, making them ideal for both the building owner and the roofing contractor

Metal roofs are very durable in that they are quite hail, and wind resistant (when properly installed, of course). Another added bonus is that you can install them right over the top of an existing asphalt shingle roof (some criteria have to be met to ensure a proper “fit”). You can walk on metal roofs without damaging them, but just to be safe, you should contact your roofing contractor or the manufacturer because some special profile metal roofs can be tricky to walk on without damaging them.

Choosing a Residential Metal Roofing ContractorResidential Metal Roofing

If you need residential metal roofing repairs or want a metal roof installed on your home be sure to go with a residential metal roofing contractor with metal roofing experience. As a reputable contractor serving Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and surrounding areas S&T Metals will provide you with a Free Estimate for your next project, as well as references from our past metal roofing installations.

The cost of installing a metal roof will depend on the size, slope and style of your roof. Steeper roofs cost a little more because of the extra staging that’s required. A complex roof with many valleys and intersecting ridges will be more expensive than a simple gable or shed-roof structure.

S&T Metals specializes in residential metal roofing and we have been doing it since 1998. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your roofing needs, including roof repair, roof replacement and new roof installation in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Rockford and surrounding West Michigan areas.

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