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Custom Metal Roofing

Onsite Custom Roll Form Metal Roofing

S&T Metals offers up front savings for Custom Metal Roofing by offering on-site roll forming of standing seam metal roofing of lengths up to 200′ various commercial and residential in Grand Rapids and throughout Western Michigan.  We have the ability to radius a 1 1/2″ panel to rest on curved roof substrate. We also offer a 2″ high profile which can span structural members up to 4´ clear with various widths in coil form.

Continuous pan forming means long term savings for our architects, roofing contractors and related contractors. With no horizontal seams, there are fewer places for potential problems with your standing seam metal roof system.

S&T Metals has a variety of colors in to choose from, and additional specialty metals including copper or any special order stock for an abundance of options for your custom project.



Onsite Roll Forming

Roll forming has many cost advantages over brake forming and preformed panels. If you are not familiar with what roll forming can do for your bottom line, here are just a few of the savings you can expect…

  • No Expensive Shipping and Crating of Long Panels
    (We bring coils right to your job-site)
  • No Panel Shipping Damage and Extensive Delays
    (Just try to order one replacement panel from the factory)
  • Less Labor and Waste
    (Run your panels to the exact length without time and material waste)
  • No Schedule Restrictions from the Factory
    (When roof is ready we just run your panels)
  • Form Perfect Panels To Any Length
    (We form long panels on the job-site to eliminate crating problems)

Better Quality and More Control
Custom Roll Form Metal Roofing

Because we roll-form our own panels, we are able to customize panels for all situations. We can make a roof that fits your home or business with the appropriate details in each location and transition, and if we make a mistake, we can bend a new one instead of have to wait for a new order.

By manufacturing our roof’s, we bring that work home, to our local economy, as opposed to having them made elsewhere. This is worth a lot in the green building industry because it is more efficient and consumes less energy and fuel to the offsite system.

Most importantly, by manufacturing our own panels and roofing system tailored to your project, we control both the schedule and the end quality of your roof!

Contact us today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation for roof replacement, new construction, or roofing repair. Our professionals will help you choose the right shingles and provide an estimate for your project. We proudly offer professional installation in Holland, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Rockford and surrounding areas.

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