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Metal Roof Recovering in Grand Rapids Michigan

When it comes to your commercial building in Grand Rapids metal roof recovering may be an option, you want to make sure you minimize the downtime due to roofing issues. While a metal roof generally needs less maintenance than traditional shingles, it will still need maintenance and periodic replacement.

When it does come time to replace your roof, you have two options, to recover your existing roof or remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Depending on your particular needs, either can be a good idea, but both have some considerations to weigh.


Metal Roof Recovering

Roof recovering leaves your current roof intact and puts a new roof over it. The theory behind roof recovering is that it saves on possible downtime in your facility, reduces the risk of exposure to the elements, and is generally less expensive.

In addition, if you remove your current roof in Grand Rapids, you are required to get a building permit and follow-up with an inspection. This adds hassle and time to your process, and may also require additional work to bring your insulation and building up to the current building code.

If you have a shingled roof right now, you can look at recovering it with a new layer of shingles. This may help extend the life of your current roof but will leave many problems, including shingles curling up.

The other option is to recover your existing shingles with metal roofing. Metal roof overlays help get past most of the problems with existing shingle roofs that are ignored by simply adding another layer of shingles. It also helps bring some of the benefits a metal roof offers over traditional shingles.


Roof Removal and Replacement

On the other end of the spectrum is removing your old roof and replacing it. This can be a bit like a can of worms, in that you may not always know what you are digging into, especially if your roof is quite old. However, in the long run, this will be the way to get the most from your new roof.

When you remove your old roof, your metal roofing contractor will inspect all of the trusses and the underlying panels. If any of them are damaged or are molded, they will need to be replaced to ensure the roof will last.

As you pull off the old roof, your metal roofing contractor will need to ensure everything is up to the current building code. One of the aspects most commonly noted is needing to upgrade the insulation. While this incrementally adds to the cost of the project right now it has many post-project benefits.

You likely know that updating your insulation will help reduce your overall HVAC costs. However, it also has a major impact on the life of your roof, by ensuring it does not overheat.

Along with a new roof means looking at the ventilation of your roof. This not only helps with the flow of air into and out of your building but also helps control the humidity. Depending on the equipment you run, this may mean less maintenance because the humidity is better controlled.

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